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To be or not to be William Shakespeare? It wasn’t a hard question for actor Mathew Baynton to answer — especially as his take on the Bard is rather, well, irreverent. Bill is a new film made by and starring the Horrible Histories gang, who give the early life of Shakespeare their surreally comic signature treatment. Just don’t call it a kids’ film…. It starts with Shakespeare in a band called Mortal Coil, so I had to check my actor’s pretensions. In , the BBC made a TV version, and their canny employment of some properly funny grown-up actors soon meant that Horrible Histories’ smart blend of historical facts and pop-culture parody was as avidly watched by parents as their offspring.

Horrible Histories

More gory tales, gruesome characters and the silliest stories from the past as the team give the history books another good shake. Wiedergabesprachen English. Weitere Kaufoptionen. Alle Preise inkl.

More gory tales, gruesome characters and the silliest stories from the past as the team give the history books another good shake.

Special footwear helped women keep dry in muddy streets—but looking where they were going helped even more animated —Series 3 Episode 5. Historical Fashion Fix: The latest peasant to have a makeover is unappreciative of his noble transformation—Series 3 Episode 5. A foreign traveller has difficulty grasping pre-decimal British coinage—Series 3 Episode 9. William Shakespeare is called out by a tavern drunk and ends up in a battle of insults—Series 4 Episode 5. Lord Stanley literally waits to the last minute to decide who to fight for at the Battle of Bosworth Field—Series 5 Episode 9.

A forehead brand for perjury proves hard to explain during a job interview—Series 5 Episode Historical Restrooms: A businessman uses one of the first flushing toilets, which is still in need of a few minor improvements—Series 6 Episode 4. H takes a look at The Battle of Lepanto, , where the Ottomans start a dance off, and fire fruit! Oh Yea! A young Tudor man, Francis, sing with glee when his beloved Catherine accepts marriage. Being in a Tudor street, however, he ends up singing and getting covered in urine!

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Horrible Histories writer wages war on rival Lucy Worsley

England is home to many striking castles with many acting as royal residences as well as being the stars of TV and the silver screen. With autumn around the corner and the leaves beginning to fall these immense fortifications are sure to spark the imagination. First developed by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, Windsor Castle is regularly used by the Queen as a weekend retreat, as well as hosting state occasions and royal weddings.

A timed ticket entry system is in place. An imposing fortress in the heart of the Midlands, Warwick Castle provides a taste of medieval English life. The imposing fortress is now home to the Crown Jewels, a collection of more than 23, dazzling gemstones, while visitors can meet the guardians of the tower – its legendary ravens!

Horrible Histories. Series 4 Episode 3. Queen Elizabeth I goes online dating, Greek philosopher Socrates foils his own rescue from prison, and.

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Stage Mother. Dir: Thom Fitzgerald Cloudburst. She spends most of her time as the choirmaster at a local Baptist church, or sharing gossip with her sister Babette. One day, her quiet life is disrupted by a phone call from San Francisco. Their adult son Ricky is dead. So she hops on a plane to attend the funeral and sort out his affairs.

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Education , History. Written by: Donna Laidlaw Thu 2 March I enjoy finding the original sources where possible, partly because it brings us closer to the heart of the story, and partly because of the wonderful idiosyncrasies of writing style. Knox is a biased narrator, of course, but like Julius Caesar before him he talks up his enemies, and his prose is amazingly lively and vivid. The Picts : For centuries, the Picts dominated Scotland. This comprehensive guide to Pictish life reveals how intelligent and powerful these settlers were.

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Having firmly established to their new and age-improved audience that the hype was deserved, the show takes a moment to let the familiar take centre stage…. Theme and The Beatles, feat. Saxon, by any chance? Shouty Man — New! Ignore him. And for some reason the Holy Spirit-imbued livestock are no help either.

Horrible Histories. Sensational Shakespeare Series 7 Specials 2. Staggering Storytellers Series 7 Specials 3. Song Series 2 Literally. King horrible Bling.

Historical sketch show. Queen Elizabeth I goes online dating, Greek philosopher Socrates foils his own rescue from prison, and Emicho of the Rhineland goes crusading. Browse content similar to Episode 3. Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more! Queen Elizabeth I goes online dating, Greek philosopher Socrates foils his own rescue from prison, and Emicho of the Rhineland goes crusading with some very unusual satnavs to lead the way.

Episode 3 Horrible Histories Historical sketch show. Similar Content Browse content similar to Episode 3.

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The star of this collection was a Gold Sovereign coin dating from , which realized $84, Greenwich Palace, Birthplace of King Henry VIII, Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I Horrible Histories, World History, Best Tv, Favorite Tv Shows DeviantArt is the world’s largest online social community for artists and art.

T he feedback from the BBC was unambiguous: “We really like it, but we feel the poo quotient needs to be higher. But the BBC, to its credit, was very adventurous and said that it wanted a comedy sketch-based format written by adult sketch-show writers. It was the right call. Since Horrible Histories first aired in on CBBC , the BBC’s digital channel aimed at six- to years-olds, it has been a huge hit with viewers and has won a slew of awards, including a Royal Television Society award for best children’s programme earlier this week.

But it isn’t just children who have found themselves drawn to the show’s Pythonesque sketches, which skip jauntily through the books’ trademark themes such as the Rotten Romans and Groovy Greeks up to the Terrible Tudors and Vile Victorians. By the time the second series aired last summer, the programme had attracted a loyal audience of grown-ups, too; parents watching with their children at first, but soon followed by students and pensioners as it quickly developed into cult daytime viewing.

Some of the most popular sketches and songs from the show have attracted more than half a million hits each on YouTube. But perhaps the show’s break-out moment came in January when it won best sketch at the Comedy Awards, the first children’s programme ever to do so. The crossover into a mainstream audience will be completed later this year when BBC1 airs a repackaged version of the show in primetime, fronted by Stephen Fry instead of the current host, a talking rat called Rattus Rattus.

Horrible histories

Saisissez votre recherche Sketches, cartoons and quizzes liberally splattered with blood and gore, based on the books published by Scholastic. Envie de parler de Horrible Histories ? Network : BBC One. Synopsys Casting Saisons Critiques. However, in Horrible Histories it’s a time for farting jesters from Henry II, christmas cards full of bacon and the Christmas dinner confiscated by Oliver Cromwell and William the Conqueror’s soldiers believing that appreciators were attackers on Christmas Day and burned Westminster Abbey.

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Watch the video. Title: Episode 4. Queen Elizabeth I goes online dating, Greek philosopher Socrates foils his own rescue from prison and Emicho of the Rhineland goes crusading with some very unusual navigators to lead the way. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

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Horrible Histories Elizabeth I Online Dating

Elizabeth is on the hunt for the perfect partner, will she find the one in the Historical First Dates restaurant? Introducing: The Library of Alexandria. Horrible Histories. Jamie Johnson’s England Stars. Jamie Johnson.

Series of Horrible Histories. Queen Elizabeth I goes online dating, Greek philosopher Socrates foils his own rescue from prison, and Emicho of the.

Saxon king ethelred the for free horrible histories” informs kids of. Extract from the support sensitivity. Be sure to find out of things online and. Get your cloud-based horrible histories elizabeth i and repair histories queen elizabeth i and in stores now. London in awful 1. Here’s horrible histories, greek philosopher socrates foils his own.

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Horrible Histories Wrestling Francis I of France VS Henry VIII Historical Desktops Henry VII